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Lean, Green Drying Machine

Lean, Green Drying Machine Say goodbye to electricity eating dryers – Smeg has reinvented its new clothes dryer as a green machine using 50% less energy than predecessors. 

The Smeg (SAHP7) heat pump 7kg dryer has a stellar six star energy rating. 

It comes with a ten year motor warranty.
The dryer offers 20 programmes for cottons, denim, woollens, delicates, sportswear and shirts.
The SAHP7 uses a conventional heat pump technology – whereby the heat pump re-uses the hot air from within the dryer instead of expelling it like traditional vented electrical dryers. 
Any excess hot air is condensed into a collection tank that can be fully plumbed or emptied periodically.
Smeg’s new dryer features four spin speeds – 600, 800, 1000 and 1200rpm plus dry temperatures of 5 to 35 degrees celsius – plus a delay start control, anti-crease cycle and reverse drum action.
Temperatures are not as high as conventional dryers so there is less chance of shrinkage or damage to cottons and woollens.
Sensor technology within the dryer means the appliance will automatically stop when the clothes have reached the required level of dryness. The LCD display includes a filter cleaning indicator, condenser cleaning indicator and time-remaining count down.
There’s an optional stacking kit for use with a front loading clothes washer. 
The Smeg laundry range is available from Winnings and Appliances Online and retails for $2490. 
Visit www.smeg.com.au for more details.