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Facebook Unblock Bug Affects Over 800K Users

Facebook has confirmed the presence of a bug which unblocked accounts for over 800,000 users. The news is the latest privacy breach in a string of ongoing security concerns, following the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.

It’s the second bug discovered in around two months. For a few days in May, around 14 million users witnessed a flaw which caused posts to be displayed publicly, despite privacy settings.

The social media giant has commenced notifying over 800,000 users, about a bug which unblocked blocked accounts on Facebook & Facebook Messenger between May 29th – June 5th.

Recognising the need to block harassment or abuse from former Facebook friends, the bug allowed some blocked users to make contact on Messenger.

Facebook claims 83% of affected users only had one blocked person temporarily unblocked.

The social media behemoth has apologised for the privacy breach, asserting the matter has been fixed, with blocked accounts reinstated.

Affected users are advised to check their blocked list for assurance.

Further information is available on Facebook’s Newsroom here.

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