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Meta Denied Bid To Delay FTC Probe Of Privacy Terms

Meta denied bid to delay FTC probe of privacy terms

In a setback to Facebook’s parent company, Meta, a US court has struck down a plea to postpone the reopening of an examination by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) into alleged privacy breaches within its Facebook division.

The US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit noted on Friday that Meta “has not satisfied the stringent requirements” for an injunction pending appeal for any of its five constitutional challenges. “None has a likelihood of success,” it added.

The decision related to the FTC taking another look into a 2020 privacy settlement covering allegations that the company breached terms after receiving a US$5 billion penalty in 2023.

Facebook parent company Meta denied bid to delay FTC probe of privacy terms

The FTC’s core amendments to Meta’s settlement centre around prohibitions relating to capitalising on minors’ data and expanding restrictions on facial recognition technology. The accusations levelled against Meta include deceptive practices relating to parental assurances around child protection measures.

Meta has denied misleading parents. It sued the FTC in November in a constitutional challenge to the agency’s ability to be an investigative body as well as an adjudicative one.

In a separate antitrust court case, the FTC has contended that Meta is abusing its power in the social media market to crush or buy rivals and accumulated monopoly power via anti-competitive mergers, with the suit focusing on the acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp.

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