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Facebook Teams Up To Take On Apple

Fresh from paying out close to $150 Million for slowing down iPhone batteries so that owners are forced to buy a new one Apple is now facing a head on fight with Facebook after the social network teamed up with “Fortnite” against the iPhone maker.

Yesterday in the USA Facebook embarked on a blitz of full-page newspaper ads slamming Apple’s iPhone privacy update, now they have claimed that they will help helping “Fortnite” developer Epic Games in its legal battle against the tech giant who are seen as a bullying Company who steal patents and “Screw” consumers to make a dollar.

The social media Company said it would assist Epic, which is suing Apple for booting its shooting game off the App Store after it tried to circumvent the company’s 30 percent fees, by providing information on how Apple’s policies hurt the businesses that have apps on its store.

“We think it’s really important that the court understand far reaching impact of Apple’s unfair policies,” said Steve Satterfield, a director of privacy and public policy at Facebook.

Apple and Epic have been at odds since August, with the battle set to have a ripple on effects across the app ecosystem. The App Store is the only way to get apps onto Apple’s phones and iPads.

The New York Post said that Epic’s struggle has also drawn the support of other high-profile app makers, including Tinder parent company Match Group and music streamer Spotify.

Apple last month announced plans to cut App Store commissions in half for developers that bring in less than $1 million per year, a move that critics said was merely an attempt to get the regulatory bull’s-eye off its back.


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