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Facebook Gaming To Get Unity Facelift

Social media giant Facebook is set to generate new in-roads in the gaming world through a partnership with development firm Unity.

The partnership will see Facebook gain a mid-tier PC games distribution platform, furthering their presence in the gaming world significantly. 

While the more casual, social and mobile games will have some place on the platform, the focus here is on supporting the more hardcore side of the gaming world. 

Up until now, Facebook’s gaming presence has been split between the low-end casual social gaming audience and the high-end VR market courtesy of its acquisition of Oculus.

Unity’s popular software toolset has been used to develop an enormous number of successful games from Monument Valley to Firewatch to Ori and the Blind Forest.

“Our mission is to give people the power to discover, play and share the games they love with the people they care about,” said Leo Olebe, Director of Global Games Partnerships at Facebook.

“Unity is the world’s leading game development platform. It’s great to be working with them to help developers find new audiences for the games they pour their hearts into.”

Developers who publish through the platform will split some of the revenue with Facebook.

Discoverability is also said to be a major element.


Prior to the partnership, game developers working with Unity would have to devote time and resources to using the Facebook SDK in order to port their games over.

This move looks set to streamline that process significantly by adding a simple ‘export to Facebook’ function to the development toolset.

Facebook are currently looking to recruit developers interested in publishing on the platform, offering them closed-alpha access to it.

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