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Polk Audio Puts Big Speaker Power In Small Blackstone Design

Polk Audio Puts Big Speaker Power In Small Blackstone Design

Despite their smaller enclosures, they maintain their strong presence, looking sleek and powerful.

The new Blackstone TL series will be available in 3 different ranges, including the TL1600, TL2600 and the TL350.

The TL350 tops the range with a 3/4″ ring radiator tweeter that is able to deliver precise sound beyond 30 kHz. Using Time Lens technology, the TL350 aligns the acoustic centres of the tweeter and mid bass drivers to produce a central source point.

Sharper, louder sound is achieved through the combination of a 3 ¼” Aerated Polypropylene Cone (APP) and Polk’s Dynamic Balance driver technology. The technology is conducive to crisper sound, helping to reduce distortion.

Bass is managed through PowerPort technology which eliminates bass output losses by up to 3dB. With its woofer housed in a steel-plate and its reinforced curved enclosure design, the Blackstone TL produces rich sound that hasn’t been diluted by internal surface resonances.

At the other end of the range are the TL1600 and TL2600 also incorporates the base technology of the TL350.

The TL2600 borrows PowerPort technology from its superior sibling, 3/4″ silk dome tweeters and a 3 1/4″ composite injection moulded cones.

The TL1600 uses 1/2 ” silk dome tweeters, 2½” long throw drivers and tuned satellite and centre channel rear ports for superior blending with a subwoofer.

Polk’s powerful Blackstone TL speakers are small enough to sit on shelves or be mounted on walls. Finished in Hi-Gloss “Blackstone” finish, they’re dressed to match the complexion of most modern TVs.

The TL range is available with the following RRP prices.
TL1600:   $999
TL2600:   $1299
TL350 – 5 Pack:  $1299