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Conroy: Do Your Homework, Or Else

Australia is lagging behind other developed countries in harnessing the Net for business and badly needed to catch up, Minister for Broadband, Senator Stephen Conroy told a Telework Forum in Sydney yesterday. 

Businesses need to change their attitudes about staff working from home, he warned, and said teleworking was the next big thing in the modern workplace. 

To date, just 6% of Aussie employers have such arrangements. 

“In Australia the number of people with an arrangement with their employer to work from home has been low by international standards,” Senator Conroy told the forum, AAP reports.

However, the advent of the $36 billion NBN project, will help “revolutionise” telework here, and “promises to transform who is able to work, when you can work, where you can work and how you can work.”

Conroy also cited the US were 10% of employees telework at least once a month and likewise in Europe.