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EXCLUSIVE:Stunning New High End 360 Degree OZ Speaker Gets Global Attention

Pantheone is a brand-new Australian speaker brand that is looking for a distributor for a 360 degree audio product that is among the best designed audio products we have ever seen.

You have most probably never heard of this brand and neither had I until, the owner of my local chicken shop, told me that he had invested in a Company that was about to deliver a high end network speaker that would blow Sonos out of the water.

My investigation of this Company led me to Pantheone CEO Oren Adani and what he told me, led me to believe that he has a real winner on his hands and that Pantheone is a serious contender in the speaker market, especially as the speaker makes most speakers look old hat and need of a design makeover.

Adani describes the new speaker as a passion project after a lifetime of labour. “We are at a stage in our lives that we are able to be in a state of mind that allows us to do what we have wanted to do for a long time,” he said.

The 24bit/192K speaker itself is made from high-density resin unlike the plastic found in a Sonos speaker, this material delivers exceptional rigidity and robustness and dampens vibrations and enhance internal acoustic wave management.

Up to eight Pantheone I devices can be synced together and will work in unison to project stereo sound.

The head acoustic engineer, Adrien Stachowicz, came from French sound brand Focal where he gained more than 50 years of experience delivering premium sound.

But it’s the look that hits you first, the shaping of the speaker with its natural flowing curves is set to have enormous appeal especially with women who often want to hide speakers because basically most premium audio speakers are ugly or have not changed in 50 years.

The Pantheone is different as it not only delivers exceptional it also has some very unique people behind its design including sound creative director, Anne-Claire Bottos, who in the past has worked on luxury design for brands such as Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, and Givenchy

The Pantheone weighs 25 kilograms because of the solid nature of the resin material the speaker is made from.

Set to be priced at around $3,500 the speaker is set to be extremely popular not only here in Australia but overseas and in market such as the USA where the product is currently being marketed.

“We have spent three years developing this speaker and we now have our first full production samples which have blown people away” Adani told SoundMag.

Adani contends that when we listen to music now, most of us will close our eyes and just listen.

That wasn’t good enough for him.

Because the Pantheone team designed their speaker system to be an art piece that sounds excellent, they engineered themselves into a situation where they had to deliver the best of both worlds a great looking speaker and exceptional sound.

To produce quality sound, the main drivers needed to be a certain size, yet driver size was constricted by the design.

“Construction of the Pantheone I was one of the harder things to do from a consumer electronics perspective because of the shape of the product,” Adani explained. “Mechanically, you need to find a way to put the drivers in the right places. The 360 sound, the woofers, everything in one unit.”

Not only did all the parts have to fit into small, specific places, they also had to perform. “It’s very powerful, and so the unit can fill a very big room. We did some testing, just to assure we could even put drivers where we did,” he said.

“What we wanted to create was something where you wouldn’t want to close your eyes, and instead use all your senses when you’re listening to music.”

The speaker itself is an is artform that makes a room come to life especially when switched on.

The speaker itself supports Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal (including Master tracks), TuneIn, and even Apple Airplay, as well as a host of codecs from the lowly MP3 to HE-AAC V2.

Operated on either an Android or iOS app external input can be via a mini jack, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

The original concept and the finished product.

Adani, Stachowicz, and Bottos all claim that their first speaker is based on the idea that an audio device must be as beautiful to behold as it is to hear.

“From the visual side of it, speakers have always been just a box in different shapes. I wanted to make something that was more of a [statement piece],” Adani said. “I wanted it to flow with what is around you, and not just be an obstacle that you have in the way.”

SoundMag is aware that two local distributors are already talking to the Company about distributing the product, as for the Company they will most probably have to attract additional investors as there is a real possibility that this product could become a global success very quickly as the product is unique, sounds good and looks exceptional.

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