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EXCLUSIVE:Brilliant New Gateway Allows More Than 200,000 Smart Products, To Be Controlled From One App

Brilliant, a Melbourne based company that is a major supplier in the lighting market, has developed a Nexus Gateway smarthouse controller that could be a game changer, making life difficult for the likes of Control 4 whose systems cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The problem right now is that multiple brands are releasing automated and smarthouse technology that operate on totally different systems resulting in users having to operate different applications to get access to a smart or automated device whether it be a lighting or security system or hundreds of devices claims Brilliant management.

Their new Nexus Gateway, which was developed in Australia, is pre-programmed to control products from 500 brands while managing functionality from 200,000 different products. All of these brands products can be controlled via one small gateway box and one Nexus app.

Available in three versions, Home Lite, Home Plus and Home Ultimate the new Gateway which is currently being introduced to retailers, could revolutionise the way Australians connect their homes in the future with the device designed to recognise Zigbee configured devices as well as Infrared, Bluetooth and Wi fi enabled devices.

Lighting and security systems can be easily configured into an app as well as RF devices such as an older TV controller.

Designed to eliminate the need for multiple apps or multiple or different controllers the Nexus is easy to configure as SmartHouse found out when we connected lighting, an intelligent plug, and security system as well as multiple smart products and a TV remote and Foxtel controller.

We were able to take over the Philips lighting system controller while also connecting a washing machine and dryer.

Lighting and security systems can be easily configured into an app as well as RF devices.

Users can operate and control the system from one location either via the app or Google or Amazon Alexa voice control it also works with IFTTT.

Another big benefit is that the Nexus software allows users to group lighting and program actions and set schedules for systems installed into a home.

The Ultimate gateway that we tested worked seamlessly allowing me to take control of a door entry system, as well as see live streamed security video.

Brands whose products the Nexus is able to control include, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Bang & Olufsen, Mitsubishi Electric, Sharp and LG.

We were able to take over Laser Corporation plugs and lighting systems as well as the several other smart home products being sold by the likes of Harvey Norman.

One of the most remarkable features is the price $349 for the Home Ultimate system which includes the Advanced Energy Management system, has encrypted military grade security built in is capable of connecting devices such as a TV remote that are not on the Internet.

Norman Levin the Managing Director and owner of Brilliant Lighting said “We have been working on the development of this system for some time. What was critical was being able to deliver a highly secure system that allows multiple products from hundreds of brands to be connected to one system. Consumers don’t want multiple apps or multiple systems; they want simplicity and resources that are easy to use”.

“we also needed to deliver a gateway controller that was highly functional across various connection standards whether it be Zigbee enabled product or a Bluetooth or Wi Fi enabled products. We are confident that we have a cutting-edge solution for both apartments and large homes”.


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