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Exclusive: Top End German Made Soundbar Released In OZ Sub $1K

One of the leading German made Soundbases has been released in Australia by Melbourne based distributor Indi Imports.

The award-winning German made Canton 55 Soundbases which has been praised by publications such as What Hi Fi who gave it 5/5 and Trusted Reviews who have it 9.5/10 will retail in Australia for only $999.

With Canton products Vs a lot of other Soundbar or Soundbase offerings the components are made in Canton factories in Germany.canton_dm55_2 (1)

The big difference between a soundbar is that in most cases owners don’t need a subwoofer drive a soundbar.

The new Canton DM55 replaces the much-praised DM50, which was also five-star performer with several leading European publications.

The Canton brand has only recently been picked up by Indi Imports, it is fast gaining traction with both specialist dealers and Hi Fi enthusiasts.

Paul Riachi – Director of Indi Imports said “Over the years we have sold a numerous range of Soundbars, however after experiencing the sound and performance of the latest range of Canton Soundbars, I don’t think I have heard anything better than these Soundbases”.

“The detail and build quality of Canton plus the mere fact that Canton manufacture all their own components in house and with the added performance to produce surround sound. Personally, I don’t think there’s any other sound bar that offers the same performance or quality”

One of the big differences between the DM 50 and the DM 55 is that Canton has added a glass top, while also improving the output.234752438alt4-e1447509184892

What Hi Fi said that if you fire up the Blu-ray of Fast & Furious 7, you’ll immediately hear the throaty rumble of roaring engines, the crisp crackle of windshields and glass smashing against the pavement and clear, warm voices. It’s a rich, meaty sound.

Sound effects are spaced out nicely, with each explosion and ricocheting bullet having the right amount of solid punch and excitement to keep you drawn into the film’s crazy action sequences.

Bass digs deep – very deep – but stops just short of overpowering all the other frequencies.

The Canton’s talents translate neatly over to music, news and daytime TV too. As an upgrade to your TV’s sound, it adds a layer of depth, richness and atmosphere that really draws you into whatever content you’re watching.
So why buy a Sounbase?

Soundbases are ideal if you don’t have room for a large AV receiver—whatever the reason, sundbars and Soundbases are excellent alternatives to full multi-speaker systems.

The next question is: Soundbase vs Soundbars.

A couple of years ago, a soundbar was almost the only option for people who didn’t want multiple speakers in their media room. Since then the Soundbase category has risen sharply, so buyers are faced with the decision—which is better?

How are they different?

Soundbars are long narrow speakers that usually are hung on the wall under the television. The number of separate speakers inside a soundbar cabinet can vary, but most have at least three. Often soundbars come with separate subwoofers (usually wireless) for extra bass.

Sound bases, or TV speakers, on the other hand, are much thicker and meant to rest on a table or cabinet underneath the television. They come in different sizes and are usually rated by how heavy a TV they can support.

Often in addition to the main speaker drivers in the front, a Soundbase will have addition base driver’s underneath for extra bass. This means that a Soundbase usually doesn’t require the addition of a subwoofer.