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EXCLUSIVE: JB Hi Fi Set To Fly In 360 Degree Camera Market

EXCLUSIVE: JB Hi Fi Set To Fly In 360 Degree Camera Market

JB Hi Fi who was looking to range the Solo 3DR Drone, has snared exclusive distribution of the hot new 360Fly camera and later this year they could get the all new 360Fly drone that will be capable of delivering 720-degree video.

A major seller of Go Pro cameras JB Hi Fi is set to reap the benefit, of what analysts are tipping will be a major migration of consumers from Go Pro devices to a new generation of 360-degree Action Adventure cameras.
According to Nick Segger the Sales and Marketing director for the 360 Fly camera JB Hi Fi will be getting the stunning new 360Fly 4K model and later in the year, the all-new 360 Fly drone which will deliver a “host of new software capabilities”.
According to Peter Adderton the global CEO of 360 Fly Australia is set to be a big market for 360 Fly products.

During an exclusive ChannelNews preview of the 360 Fly Drone and their new 4K camera Adderton said that the quality of both the hardware and the software delivered by his Company was what their product offering apart.
Analysts claim that 360 Fly is the new Go Pro in the action camera market. 
Ryan Shearman, CEO of smart action-camera maker FUSAR, said in a recent interview with MarketWatch. “GoPro simply isn’t providing enough of a value proposition anymore.”
He along with analysts from both IDC and Gartner said at a CES forum that there are literally tens of millions of consumers out there ready to invest in new action adventure technology. 

New 720 degree drone coming later this year. Top and Bottom 360 degree cameras.
GoPro currently has 85% of the market for action adventure cameras however analysts are tipping that this will crash as new products like the new 360 Fly camera are released at stores like JB Hi Fi. 
Last year Go Pro had to twice slash the price of its new Hero4 Session camera after a disappointing reaction from consumers.
They also recently announced layoffs and in their last conference call predicted softer-than-expected sales in the first quarter and full 2016 year.
“We’re a completely different experience,” said Adderton, who co-founded the telecom giant Boost Mobile in Australia and then sold it to a large US carrier. 
The new software and capabilities that companies such 360Fly are building into their devices do anything from give users eyes in the back of their heads to alerting authorities when they crash their bike. 
Some cameras shoot 360 degrees, without needing a six-camera rig like the one GoPro had on display at CES, while others help bikers communicate on the road, organise footage by the most action-packaged shots to make editing easier, and capture the last few seconds of certain scenes to be automatically uploaded to social-media sites, like Facebook.
Nikon’s first action camera, the KeyMission 360, unveiled at CES this year, is equipped with 4K spherical video and a waterproof casing. This will also be sold at JB Hi Fi. 
360Fly’s editing software is also unique. The tracking capabilities in its hardware automatically follow and focus on the action-packed parts of scenes, then pull aside the busiest shots to assist with the editing process later.
 The company also offers a complimentary highlight reel for users who don’t want to edit. Like FUSAR, it also has a safety component, alerting users if third-party objects get too close, similar to rear-facing cameras on cars that alert drivers if they’re too close to the curb.
Adderton is convinced that the company that can combine a number of these unique software features – safety, communication, smart editing and virtual reality – into one neat package will be the one that ultimately comes out on top if GoPro continues to struggle.
“If someone can combine all those pieces into one device, they’re the ones that are going to win,” he said. “That’s what we believe we’re doing.”


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