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REVIEW Why The Samsung Galaxy S7 Is The New Benchmark For Smartphones

REVIEW Why The Samsung Galaxy S7 Is The New Benchmark For Smartphones

For several years the benchmark for smartphones was the Apple iPhone, today that has changed with the release of the new Galaxy S7 by Samsung.

The new S7 and S7 Edge aren’t hugely different from last year’s Galaxy S6 pair – in fact, they look almost identical but if you look closer you suddenly realise that there is a world of difference.
The S7 Edge, has in in fact undergone some dramatic changes and is today the new benchmark for the smartphone industry.
While last year’s S6 Edge has the same 5.1-inch display as the standard model, the S7 Edge steps up to a phablet-class 5.5-inch quad HD, Super AMOLED screen that is great on the eyes.

The device is also taller and wider than before, but not nearly as much as you might expect.

These are no ordinary smartphone, this is the new benchmark for smartphones due to the fact that several aspects of this new device are way ahead of any other smartphone on sale in Australia today and that includes the latest iPhone.
Let’s remember that a big chunk of the iPhone is made by Samsung so when it comes to a top end Samsung device one is always going to get only the best that Samsung can deliver.
With the Galaxy S7 it’s the remarkable battery life, a display that is simply stunning and processor that is the fastest we have ever seen in a smartphone that sets this device apart. Then there is the camera and new ways to manage your most popular apps.
Okay, these devices are pricey at $1148, for the S7 and $1248 for the S7 Edge, but remember so are top end BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes and other premium made products.
If you want something cheaper there are bucket loads of smartphones out there, but they don’t have the pulling power the technology or the status associated with owning the best smartphone in the world today.
This device is the work of a master craftsman someone who understands the intricacies of minute packed into small spaces, technology and the importance of design.
 The S7 is not only well put together and smartly designed, it’s highly functional whether you are a business user or a mum who simply wants a great looking highly practical device that you love picking up because of the ease of use. 
Standout features
The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have a camera that beat the iPhone 6s Plus when it comes to low light shooting. It has a Snapdragon Qualcomm 820 processor that is superior to the iPhone 6 and it has a 5.5-inch screen with curved glass that slopes down on both sides making this a delight to hold in your hand.
While the S6 delivered information to the edge of the screen, it was still a gimmick.
Now Samsung has seriously perfected the curved part of the screen by introducing its own controls, which you can use to access apps, people or news with one swipe.
Once you have loaded it up with your most often used apps you suddenly find yourself using it every time you access the device.

And if you want to impress with a party trick try dropping this device into a glass of water for ten minutes while you carry on talking on your Bluetooth headphones.yes it is waterproof and can withstand up to 30 minutes under a meter and a half of water.

One of the most impressive features about the S7 is the battery life, for the past week I have been going home with over 50% charge still left in the device and I am a heavy smartphone user.
This is because the standard S7 has a 3,000mAh cell (17.6 percent larger), while the S7 Edge has a whopping 3,600mAh (38.5 percent larger) battery which is one of the biggest in the industry for this sized device. 
The Galaxy S7 also delivers power saving with power-saving smarts. Its new always-on screen-which shows the time and basic alerts is seriously smart and a great feature that does NOT suck up battery power.
Samsung has designed the device so that the AMOLED screen only has to power the pixels you can see on the home screen. Samsung says this is more efficient than firing up the whole screen just to check the time or see whether you have messages or a phone call.

While the S6 had built in memory the S7 has a unique SD card slot that is part of the SIM card holder, this allows the device to take up to 200GB of SD memory.

What’s clear is that Samsung has learnt from their past mistakes and the old Avis marketing slogan ‘We Try Harder’ is certainly being adhered to at Samsung.
The camera bump on past Galaxy smartphones has gone now it’s a simple smooth edge around the camera a feature that adds to the overall design.

The Galaxy S7’s camera is seriously impressive. I shot this picture this morning at Balmoral beach, no setting up, simply auto, and shoot.

Balmoral Beach 6.15am this morning. Shot with the new Galaxy S7
The Galaxy S7’s new 12-megapixel camera is lower resolution the Galaxy S6’s camera, but that’s a worthy trade-off, because each pixel can now capture 95% more light.
Whether one is shooting video or still shots the auto features built into this device kicked in to deliver perfect images time and time again. 
A big contributor to the improved functionality of this device is the marriage between Google’s Android Marshmallow 6.0 and what Samsung has layered on the top of the OS. 
The Galaxy S7’s version of the powerful Android Marshmallow 6.0 is the cleanest Android version we have ever seen in a smartphone. This has resulted in significantly improved visuals when using the phone, contacts or accessing information such setting information.

There is also just one Web browser (Chrome) which we believe is the best way to go on a smartphone. It’s also a logical extension for the tens of millions of users who use Chrome on a PC or tablet. 

In summary the S7, and more so the S7 Edge, is the most impressive piece of smartphone hardware I’ve ever had in my hands.
I am moving back from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the all-new S7 Edge for the simple reason that it really works for me.
The size, the feel, the performance is what I want in my daily life, it’s uncompromising and functional and above all it looks really slick.
Women love it for its looks and ease of use, teenagers who I have shown the device to envy the speed and functionality of the S7 especially when it comes to watching videos and gaming.  
Right now this is not only the best Android phone you can buy right now but the best smartphone.PERIOD.


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