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EXCLUSIVE: Apple Set to Launch New iPhone 17th Of September, Mini Retained

It’s official, Apple is set to launch their new iPhone 13 range, on 16th of September US and 17th in Australia according to Apple sources.

Surprisingly, the iPhone Mini is set to be retained in the range despite the model being a “disaster” for both retailers and suppliers of accessories such as cases.

Apple Insiders have told ChannelNews that the range which will be launch all at one despite earlier speculation that the launch would be staggard due to production delays will include 4 devices as well as the Mini iPhone which has not sold well worldwide in the past according to retailers.

The poor performance by the iPhone Mini has led to several accessory Companies writing off millions in stock of covers.

According to several retailers that ChannelNews has spoken to suppliers are “reluctant” to offer up more than one cover or MagSafe accessory for the new 2021 iPhone Mini.

One Apple store manager admitted to ChannelNews recently that a mid-September launch was currently planned for the new iPhone in Australia.

According sources the range will feature 2X 6.1” models.

Among the new technology being introduced by Apple is Always-On Display, Improved battery with complaints about the battery life of iPhones significantly higher than for an Android device claims retailers.

The always on display will be delivered via LTPO (low-temperature Polycrystalline oxide) 120Hz variable refresh rate ProMotion displays which are set to be built into the new Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

Samsung Android devices have had always on display technology for some time.

Apple plans to also announce increased 25W fast charging across the iPhone 13 range.

This is not a big feature with a modest 5W bump from the 20W maximum charging speed of the iPhone 12 line-up.

Apple is also set to announce an upgrade of their MagSafe technology according to accessory manufacturers.

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