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EXCLUSIVE: Alcatel Secure Rights To Blackberry Smartphones

Alcatel, Australia’s #3 smartphone brand, is set to announce that they have secured the rights to the Blackberry brand and that a Blackberry complete with the now famous Blackberry security software and keyboard will be launched by Alcatel in the first quarter of 2017.

The return of the brand has been made possible after Alcatel, secured an exclusive licensing deal with Blackberry.

Alcatel, previously called Alcatel ONETOUCH, is a brand made by Chinese electronics company TCL Corporation.

It was established in 2004 as a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent (45%) and TCL (55%).
In 2005 the joint venture was dissolved and TCL acquired Alcatel-Lucent’s 45 percent share.
Since then, Alcatel became a wholly owned subsidiary group of TCL.blackberry-dtek60

According to Alcatel sources in Asia, the first Android based device complete with Blackberry security software, will be based on an Idol 4, this will be followed up with a keyboard model called the DTEK70 which will be launched next year.

The new Blackberry branded devices will bring top end security normally found in an Enterprise smartphone used by Government and Security Agencies into the hands of everyday consumers.

The first device is set to sell for sub $550.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Alcatel to deliver top end mobile security normally found in expensive enterprise smartphones, into devices that are half the price of iPhones and other premium devices” said a local analyst.

Alcatel is currently establishing a new management team to manage the Blackberry brand that will not be available in Australian stores until the first quarter of 2017.

Earlier this year BlackBerry decided to move to a licensing model for any new hardware, but several devices were still in the production pipeline. That included the Android-powered DTEK60 with its focus on security that will now be delivered in Australia by Alcatel under their new licensing arrangement.

It will come with the legendary Blackberry keyboard.

The handset echoes the physical keyboard seen on last year’s debut Android handset, the BlackBerry Priv.

The new DTEK70 will come with a full QWERTY keyboard with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the keyboard’s space bar.blackberry-dtek70-1-580x358

It will sport a 4.5″ HD display, an 8MP front camera sensor, a huge 18MP rear camera sensor, and a USB-C connectivity.

On the inside, Blackberry DTEK70 will be powered by Qualcoom Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB RAM, 3GB built-in storage and a 3,400mAh battery.

A source said that these specs could change.

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