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Even Fish Are Now Into Bingeing On TV Shows

A grouper fish at Brighton Aquarium – named Queen Gary III – has been binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, after its keepers became concerned that the fish may be lonely during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Queen Gary III has reportedly watched more than 150 episodes and 12 series of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“Gary is normally a very curious fish that interacts frequently with guests and staff members alike, but with lockdown this was taken away,” Joe Williams, Senior Aquarist at Brighton Aquarium, told the Daily Mail.

“We care deeply about every single animal we have and always strive to find ways that we can deliver care, so I set up the TV screen to keep Gary entertained while visitors aren’t able to come to the centre… Initially, I was surprised that Gary loved RuPaul’s drag race as much as I do, but it’s colourful, has a lot of movement and includes real people, so it makes perfect sense!”

While COVID-19 lockdowns are beginning to ease (Brighton Aquarium is set to open its doors on 4th July), keepers at the aquarium have said that they may put the TV back on again if Queen Gary III shows signs of sadness.

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