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‘Yatango’: Kogan Mobile’s Save-Our-Souls Plan

Kogan Mobile announced an “exclusive free deal” for Kogan customers with Yatango, offering “unlimited” mobile service, 6GB data for 30 days. 

The SIM-only mobile provider launched earlier this year runs on the Optus network.  
Over 110,000  Kogan Mobile prepaid customers this week face having their service cut off, after service provider ispOne went into administration. 

Telstra began shifting Kogan users to a limited 7 Day Plan last week, after which their service is terminated. 

Some Kogan Mobile customers had prepaid their cut price “unlimited” Kogan mobile service for up to a year. 
Kogan’s ‘exclusive’ Yatango deal offers  “Unlimited Talk, Unlimited SMS and 6GB Data for a month.” 
Users can monitor usage during the trial, Yatango says it will help build a flexible month-to-month plan that’s right for users and saves money. 
“Up to 80% of Kogan customers WILL save money on Yatango based on their usage, ” Andy Taylor  CEO of Yatango, claims. 
There no fees or commitment for those who take up the Yatango Sim-only plan. All Kogan Mobile customers have been sent a voucher code by email.
An Optus spokesperson told CN it has received a “positive” response to its special double-your-data offer to abandoned Kogan Mobile users, last week.