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Epson Ink Tank Printer Sales Hit 30 Million

Epson’s push into high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers has paid off, with 30 million sales globally.

In 2010 the company launched the ink tank printers in Indonesia. As of March 2018 the printers were available in 150 countries and regions, with particularly high uptake from emerging economies pushing market growth.

Epson credits its success with the technology to strong brand recognition and large lineup of products.

In the coming financial year, Epson is projecting even higher uptake of ink tank format printers.

Switching their focus to both emerging and developed economies, the product will be promoted as an environmentally friendly, easier to use and cost more effective alternative to traditional cartridge printers.

Epson projects sales of 9.5 million in the coming financial year, increasing sales by 20 per cent from the previous year. This increase would mean that ink tank printers would make up around 55 per cent of all Epson inkjet printer sales.

Senior Managing Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Printing Solutions Operations Division of Seiko Epson, Koichi Kubota, commented “High-capacity ink tank inkjet printers have a low environmental footprint, have lower running costs, and allow users to print freely and with less effort compared to laser printers and ink cartridge printers.

“Epson has transformed the printer business model, and will continue to provide comfortable printing environments that allow our customers around the world to demonstrate their creativity and enjoy high productivity.”

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