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Epson Focuses On New Priorities With New President & Director

Epson has announced that as of 1 April this year, current director and managing executive  officer Yasunori Ogawa will become the new president and current president Minoru Usui will transition into the chairman role.

In March last year, Epson established its Phase 2 Mid-Range Business Plan aiming to achieve its Epson 25 Corporate Vision. By focusing on priority areas, Epson aims to respond to ‘changes’ in the business environment and societal needs while also transitioning into a business generating ‘high profits.’

‘Going forward Epson expects significant and ongoing changes to their business environment,’ Epson announced in a statement.

‘Under the leadership and new perspective of Mr. Ogawa the company will respond flexibly and rapidly to changes as they seek to improve their corporate value over the medium- and long terms.’

(Epson’s new President and Representative Director as of 1 April 2020, Yasunori Ogawa)

In the fiscal year ending March 2019, Epson implemented reforms that would aim to strengthen their business structure.

In a tough and competitive business environment, the company has promoted collaboration with partners and open innovation to encourage financial growth and market dominance.

It also developed and launched original products and services aimed at ensuring a strong future growth for the company.

Moving forward, Epson said it’s expecting significant and ongoing changes to their business environment.

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