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Epic Games Sues Mixed-Reality Glasses Company Nreal Over Its Name

Never one to shy away from a lawsuit, Epic Games has files suit against mixed-reality glasses company Nreal over its rather-familiar name.

Epic claims Nreal “looks and sounds virtually identical” to Unreal, claiming it is “no coincidence.”

“Epic has ten registrations for ‘Unreal’ alone or in connection with another term for a wide range of goods and services including but not limited to software, video games, virtual worlds, and 3D visualizations, animations, and platforms,” according to the suit.

Nreal launched in South Korea last year, with plans to enter the American market this quarter.

Epic is seeking an injunction to force Nreal to withdraw its trademark application, plus unspecified damages.

A Nreal spokesperson contact Channel News with the following statement:

“Nreal is an innovative and growing startup that is setting a new standard for augmented reality. Recognised as a ground-breaking company among both consumers and developers, Nreal has developed a reputation as the leading hardware manufacturer of mixed reality and augmented reality glasses currently sold in Asia and Europe.

“We’re aware of the litigation that has been filed by Epic. We respect intellectual property rights, but we believe that this lawsuit lacks merit and plan to defend vigorously against the claims brought by Epic.”

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