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Epic Adds Smash Hit Online Game To Portfolio

Fortnite developer Epic Games has snapped up Tonic Games Group, the studio behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, for an undisclosed sum.

Fall Guys, which took Fortnite’s battle royale-style gameplay and applied it to an “action gameshow” premise similar to Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle, became popular among gamers and streamers when it released last year.

According to Dave Bailey, Tonic Games Group co-founder and CEO, Tonic believes that “everyone deserves a game that feels like it was made for them”.

“With Epic, we feel like we have found a home that was made for us. They share our mission to build and support games that have a positive impact, empower others and stand the test of time and we couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with their team,” he said.

Epic founder and CEO Tim Sweeney highlighted the purchase as fuel for his ambition to create a “metaverse” – a persistent online world that could succeed the internet as we know it.

“As Epic works to build this virtual future, we need great creative talent who know how to build powerful games, content and experiences,” he said.

Tonic has stressed that gameplay will be unaffected by the deal, with Fall Guys to still be available on PlayStation and PC, and plans to bring it to Nintendo Switch and Xbox unchanged. There is also “nothing to announce” as yet regarding making the game free-to-play.

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