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Elon Musk Plans To Take Twitter Public Again

Elon Musk has paid A$62 billion to take Twitter private, but he has told potential investors he plans to stage an IPO of Twitter, and could do so as soon as 2025.

The Wall Street Journal quotes its usual “people familiar with the matter”, who say he has been sharing his future plans in talks with private equity firms.

This news will help ally fears that Musk plans to make radical changes to the company.

Despite Musk claiming he doesn’t care if he makes money on the deal, it is more likely the world’s richest man is actually working to improve the worth of the business before taking a tidy profit in a few years.

Musk sold roughly A$11.97 billion worth of shares in Tesla a few days after agreeing to buy Twitter, further fuelling speculation that he will be heavily focused on Twitter’s future.


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