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Panasonic Econavi’s: Stream Clean, 3D Wash + Iron

Panasonic EconaviPanasonic new top and front loaders all have 3D washing technology, energy saving ECONAVI technology.

And some will even iron your clothes and wash them without actually wetting them.  
There are five new front loader machines, 7kg, 2 X 8kg and 2 X 10kg load capacities and the new top loaders have 8.5kg and 9.5kg capacities. 
Two of the front loaders (NA-148VS4WAU and NA-140VS4WAU) have Wrinkle Care setting which removes the wrinkles from wet clothes without washing them; Steam Refresh program removes odours from non-washable items and Steam Allergy-care removes 99.99% of allergens. 
These two models are pricier than the rest – at $1699 and $1399 respectively. The other top loaders start at $799 – $1499 without stream technology. 
All 5 models have 3D Sensor Wash to control the rotation speed of the drum and Hydroactive+ 5 technology, which uses 5 directional showers to dissolve detergent efficiently and boast 4.5 star WELS and Energy rating, except the 7kg. 

Panasonic’s ECONAVI technology utilizes less waste of water and energy by using intelligent sensors to detect the volume of laundry, water temperature and the type of clothing in the wash. Its Steam Action reduce wrinkles and lighten the ironing load. 
The top loaders have ECONAVI dynamic water flow and 3D water flow ensuring clothes are rotated through the drum for a powerful wash, while saving energy. 
The top loaders cost $999/$1099 tare available late September while the front loaders go on sale the following month.  
A recent survey conducted by Panasonic shows only 7% of Australian always use their washing machine at full capacity. 
One third of respondents don’t know, or use, the correct cycles and temperatures to wash their clothes. 
70% of those surveyed admit to avoiding ironing as much as possible, with 41% claiming that they never iron (warning, these participants could have been men!).