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eBay Most Visited Retail Website In Oz

Latest research reveals eBay Australia is the country’s most visited shopping website, followed by Amazon.com, Jbhifi.com.au, Amazon.com.au and Kogan.com.

The news comes amid intensifying e-commerce competition, coupled with significantly increased marketing efforts from Amazon Australia in the later half.

According to CupoNation for the six months to June 30th, Ebay Australia generated over 404 million visitors, followed by Amazon.com with over 111 million.

Ebay.com fell in third place, posting around 80 million visitors, followed by JB-Hi.com.au with over 74 million.

JB Hi-Fi is the only electronics focused retailer with a retail presence to make the Top 10 list.

In terms of Australian owned websites, JB Hi-Fi was the country’s most visited retail website, followed by Bunnings.com.au, Woolworths.com.au and Kogan.com.