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eBay Google Assistant App Launches Ahead Of Amazon Australia

eBay has released its latest innovation ahead of Amazon Australia, a revolutionary app integration of its Online Marketplace with Google Assistant.

The new Google Assistant app will allow Australian consumers to easily search for goods and obtain information about the worth of their items –  all accessible via Android phones using Android 6.0+, Google Home/Home Mini and any new third-party Google Assistant powered smart speakers.

Examples include “Ask eBay what my Go Pro is worth” or “Ask eBay for a deal on Kate Spade Bags”. Users can also ask Google to “Talk to eBay” to search through over sixty million listings on eBay’s Australian website.

[Source: Ausdroid]

[Source: Ausdroid]

eBay’s Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Tim MacKinnon, states the new technology was built “from the ground up”:

“eBay has a long history of being the first to market with new innovations here in Australia, and our latest collaboration with Google is no exception”

“eBay built this technology from the ground up and it’s the perfect example of how artificial intelligence is helping to make a truly personalised shopping experience.

“As of today, we are bringing the best of eBay to your home with Google Assistant, making shopping as simple as a conversation”.

The company affirms that the ability to seamlessly switch voice platforms – e.g. from phone to Google Home – provides the user with a “unique personal shopping experience”.

Some users state that implementation with the Google Assistant app is “a little buggy”, and that using eBay’s mobile website is more user-friendly.

[Source: Ausdroid]

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