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52% Of Gaming Revenue Coming From Mobile

New research reveals that 52% of gaming revenue is now coming from mobile phones.

According to a Newzoo report, 52% of international video game revenue was earned via smartphone games in 2021, which equates to over $90 billion USD (over $128 billion AUD). With over 6 billion smartphone owners worldwide, it makes sense despite PC and console gaming being more advanced and specialized.

Gaming hardware companies such as Razer and ASUS ROG have attempted to make the most of the changing trend with their own gaming phones in the past, although they were met with disappointing sales figures. Razer have discontinued their Razer phone 2, which was first released in 2018.

This has seen gaming Companies such as Electronic Arts (EA) launch new games for both Android and iOS devices such Battle Royale ‘Apex.

EA have been beta testing Apex Legends Mobile for several months after they announced that the game would be available “within this year”.

Pre-registered users will have access to the Apex Legends Mobile Founders badge, a Bloodhound banner pose, an R99 Epic skin and more. The first season of the game introduces a new character called Fade.

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more commonplace, as the dependency on smartphones increase and devices become more powerful and capable.

Credit: India Today



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