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New Pioneer Plasma TV Designed As Best Ever

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Designed and built exclusively for high-end custom installations, the Pioneer KRP-600M KURO monitor boasts black levels five times over the current award-winning 8th Generation models, is equipped with a unique set of calibration and integration features and measures an incredible depth of 64 mm thin.

Promising to have consumers seeing and hearing like never before, courtesy of heightened functionality and versatility, there are two reasons why Pioneer’s Kuro technology has been widely applauded as the world’s best, the deepest of deep black levels and the ASIC video processor – both of which have been advanced with the 9th generation thanks to the inclusion of the Kuro2 engine on board.

True, deep black creates a picture that possesses finer detail, greater contrast, and most important, the ability to generate richer colours not achievable before and boasting the hardest working pixels in the world of plasma, Pioneer’s KRP-600M Kuro monitor improves black levels five times over the current award-winning 8th Generation models.

Pioneer understands that colour is a vital tool that enables creative professionals – from visual artists to film and television producers – to evoke emotion.

With varying techniques from the most subtle to intense manipulation of colour, artists possess the skills to arouse a specific feeling within their audience.

For picture calibrators there is a hidden integrator menu that reveals a whole raft of controls to allow finer adjustment of important picture quality parameters such as colour temperature, colour saturation and gamma.
While users are implementing these adjustments, the difference in picture quality can be observed by simply pressing “User Menu” repeatedly to see a before and after of the image on screen.

To aid with setting colour on the KRP-600M, there is a blue mode and monotone mode available from the integrator menu. In short, it filters everything except blue to avoid holding a colour filter up to your eyes as you make adjustments.
All of these detailed adjustments can be made independently of each input and once the user is happy with them, they can be locked-in so that they cannot be altered by curious hands.

Further to this feature, users can lock in an ISF Day setting for daytime viewing and ISF Night for night time viewing, as well as ISF Auto, which uses the built in light sensor to adjust brightness automatically whilst leaving all other parameters constant.

Measuring a depth of 64 mm thin, the Pioneer KRP-600M custom installation monitor looks more sleek and elegant than ever. The glossy black Kuro-style design contributes handsomely to any interior decor without distracting.
In keeping with this thin profile, the connections for the plasma are vertically orientated to allow ample room for power cables and AV connections.

When it comes to integrator networking, the Pioneer KRP-600M incorporates a variety of additional features and functions that extend its versatility.

For example, users can customise input selection and volume when the plasma is turned on. Moreover, you can also set an input priority, so upon receiving a signal, the plasma will automatically switch to that input – for example a projector or Foxtel.

Unlike most other panels, picture-in-picture (PiP) on the KRP-600M is possible between two external devices, and not restricted to only digital TV – for example Blu-ray and Foxtel PiP is possible.

Further to this, PiP this can be customised in terms of the position on the screen and the level of translucence from conventional solid picture through to 80 per cent translucence.

Placement of the KRP-600M and other components is no problem with variable fan control depending on ventilation requirements and an IR out allowing you to use the plasma’s sensor as a receiver for other hidden devices.