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Sony Launch First AV Receiver With Connectivity Trio

Sony Launch First AV Receiver With Connectivity Trio

With its wireless repertoire, the STR-DN1030 will be able to replay content stored on compatible smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The DN1030 can stream media through WiFi, allowing it to wirelessly access a plethora of streaming services, which include Sony’s Music Unlimited, Pandora, Slacker and vTuner.

Existing iPhone and Android owners can download Sony’s Media Remote app and exercise full control from the convenience of their smartphones.

The 7.2 channel receiver outs 1015 Watts and converts analogue signals to 1080i when connected via HDMI. 

It employs a suite of software (Sound Optimizer and Sony’s High Definition Digital Cinema Sound—HD DCS) to ensure audio maintains the nuances of the complete sound field at low volumes, while articulating cinematic depth at higher levels.

Spectacular sound is further produced through support of Dolby® TrueHD, Pro Logic IIz and dts® HD enhanced audio codecs.

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The senior VP of Sony Electronics’ Home Division, Mike Lucas, believes the DN1030 makes great sound accessible through its wireless technologies. 

“The newest AVR in our line not only delivers quality sound performance, but it’s also the world’s first and only AVR with built-in Wi-Fi, AirPlay, and Bluetooth, giving consumers both sound quality and the connectivity they crave to access all their music content and streaming sources, all at the best value in the category.”

Currently the DN1030 is available from Sony stores in the US for $499, but unfortunately hasn’t announced availability or local Australian pricing.