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OLED War: LG Claim Samsung Stole Secrets

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Korean giant LG filed a suit against rival Samsung accusing it of using several of their unique technology for their top selling tablets and smartphones without permission reports WSJ.

LG display say its fellow Korean tech rival infringed upon seven patents relating to Organic Light Emitting Diodies (OLED) technology including panels, driver circuitry and device design.

LG is now seeking to ban the sale of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III, which has a HD Super AMOLED Display, Tab 7.7 and Note phablet in South Korea.

LG and Samsung are bitter rivals in the TV market, in particular, and both have pushed OLED screen technology as the next big thing.

However, the alleged infringements relate to mobile devices only.

Samung is tipped to release its first OLED smart TV around Christmas time.

Samsung is the world No.1 phone maker and the top Android carrier with LG failing to keep up in the mobile market, although Lg has released some high end smartphone devices of late and aims to become a big player in the market.

LG Display is a large maker of HD and LED screens for TVs, notebooks and is contracted by companies including Apple, as is Samsung, and say it is pursuing the latter to promote fair competition and protect its intellectual property.

“This lawsuit has been filed both to enforce LG Display’s intellectual property rights and promote fair competition,” LG Display said.

This is the latest instalment in the ongoing battle between the Korean duo – in July Samsung accused six former employees of stealing OLED secrets for use at LG, where they all now work.

LG and Samsung have an ongoing case in the Australian courts over claims on 3D screen technology.

Shares of LG Display rose slightly to US$12.50 on NYSE yesterday.