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Moto Shuns Telcos For G and X

Moto Shuns Telcos For G and X Motorola, which is soon to be owned by Chinese company Lenovo, has announced new super competitive Android smartphones today, Moto G and Moto X.

However, there’s change in strategy for Motorola, as none of the smartphones will be sold at carriers and “I understand that is how it is to remain,” a spokesperson told CN, pointing out the company is still under Google ownership. 

The mobiles will be sold at mass retailers JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys with other retailers yet to be confirmed. 

Retail orders are being put in and will be rolling out through September. 

The Moto G has a 5″ HD display, stereo sound, quad-core speed and costs just A$269 and the higher grade X 5.2″ Full HD display and made with FSC certified woods and genuine Horween leather, but there’s no local pricing available for X, yet. It costs US$499 in the US. Both run Android KitKat 4.4. 

More recently, Motorola’s smartphones have been told at retail only although it is not clear why telco’s were eschewed for the new launches. 

But analysts are impressed at the uber affordable price point, and previous Motos have sold well here.

“Motorola continues on the promise of uncompromised Android,” tweeted Carolina Milanesi, Kantar ComTech analyst.  

“As differentiation in smartphones gets harder vendors turn to accessories. Motorola reinventing BT headset with Hint & giving u a power pack”, the tweet continued.