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Dropbox Add-On For Gmail Keeps It All Together

Dropbox has partnered with G Suite to create Dropbox Add-On for Gmail, embedding the cloud sharing service directly into your email.

Fusing the two is a boon for organisations that rely on cloud based services, particularly since online services tend to be difficult to navigate and can lead users to produce disparate sets of identical information when not carefully organised.

The add-on allows users live edit Google Docs within the interface and to link files hosted on Dropbox of any size without limit, including images and video.

Dropbox also expects users to value the time they will save as they will no longer be getting stuck tracking work thanks to improvements in navigation within the platform and by avoiding switching applications.

Merging Dropbox into G Suite services has been a stated priority for the company, and today’s release only furthers that commitment.

Before integrating with Gmail, Dropbox already allowed for document collaboration within the Dropbox environment for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Given previous statements by the two companies, we can also expect Dropbox for Google Hangouts to be appearing shortly.

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