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Fetch TV Adds TenPlay, Real Time EPG + CH999

Fetch TV  Adds TenPlay, Real Time EPG + CH999Fetchtv have added TENplay to the Catch Up TV menu, so subscribers can now watch Ten, Eleven & One catch up TV alongside ABC iview and SBS on Demand.  Check out the line up at Menu>TV>Catch Up TV.   Fetch TV says they are will be adding another free-to-air catch up service next month.

Top Shows: a new feature to make it easier for Fetch TV subscribers to record their favourite shows. It can be accessed at Menu>TV>Top Shows. Search for popular shows in one place, which are grouped by genre  – drama, lifestyle, reality, sport, comedy and set a Series Tag to auto record every episode.  Top Shows is editorialised by Fetch TV and updated weekly. You can also do a Cast & Crew search for actors from your favourite shows to see what other shows and movies they are in. 

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Real Time EPG: The Fetch TV EPG now takes real time data (CRID) from the free-to-air channel stream so the PVR box will know if a show is still running and keeps recording until the end if it goes over the scheduled time. Users can now remove all the lead and lag buffers from their free-to-air Series Tags which reduces the number of recording conflicts. 
Sneak Peek Trial Channel CH999: give customers on the Base pack a taste of the other channels available in the Entertainment Pack.  Viewers will be able to enjoy each channel for 14 days, before it changes to the next one in the sample. In the coming weeks, subscribers can view E!, Nick Jnr, Travel, Syfy, Disney Channel, MTV and Style. Fetch TV aim to bring as many of the 35 Entertainment Pack channels as it can.  

Movie Specials Tab: a new tab to Movie Rentals section offering film titles to rent at $2.95. There’s 18 reduced price movies at any time and is updated monthly. Go to Menu>Movies>Movie Rentals> Specials.  
Top Tips App: a new app in the Apps menu where Fetch TV users can access a selection of helpful tips and tricks to help get the most out of the service. It’s found in Menu>Apps>Featured.

The Fetch TV Box is now on sale available in 192 Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne stores nationally since July 01. The box costs RRP $379 and you subscribe online to Fetch TV Starter (including Movie Box) for $5 per month.