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Don’t Blame The NBN or TPG It’s The Tech2 Sevice That Is Appalling

Next time you want to blame TPG or the NBN for poor service maybe you need to think twice because the chances are the real culprits are a Company such as tech2.

This is a Company that subcontracts installations for the likes of TPG and NBN provider and their customer service is not only appalling, their staff appear to be clueless or as I suspect don’t care when it comes to simple customer service.

A few weeks ago, we decided to install a high-end fibre network at our North Sydney offices via TPG.

The TPG engineer who came out to inspect the site prior was fantastic, he arrived on time and called prior to say that he was close by.

They then subcontracted the work to Tech2 a Company that bangs on in their marketing as to how good they are at customer service.

After a trail of emails Tech2 staff said that their onsite installers would be present at 7.30am, Monday morning. I would get a call 20 minutes out. After arriving at the office at 7.15am I was surprised when by 8.00 no technicians had turned up, there was no call 20 minutes out and calls to the organiser failed to give me answers.

A short time later I got a call from a so-called engineer who said that he was on another job “In the City”.

He tried to mask the failure to communicate with the client who had been asked to be on site at 7.30am by claiming that he had already spoken to building management.

It was a clear case of bugger the client, stuff customer service which is becoming common practise with organisations like Tech 2 who are being subcontracted to carry out broadband NBN or TPG work.

It is also organisations like Tech2 who need to be called out before the supplier of the service is blamed.

A visit to their web site says ‘Welcome to Tech2, we’re a proudly Australian-owned company delivering a wide range of technical operations and installation activities.

We provide end-to-end telecommunications, on-site technical installation services and remote IT Premium Support in homes and businesses.

It’s all powered by our robust in-house workforce management software solution, Streamline.

Maybe they should add a customer service component to their so called Streamline software.