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DJI Teases New Lightweight Gimbal

DJI has announced on its official Twitter account and through a sneak peek video that they will soon be releasing the DJI Ronin SC – its new lightweight camera stabiliser for mirrorless cameras.

According to a report on DroneDJ, DJI recently submitted a FCC filing for a digital device with the name Ronin SC/Ronin S Command.

This will be the first addition to DJI’s professional gimbal line since the release of its Ronin S at CES last year.

From what was shown on the sneak peak video, it seems the new Ronin will look similar to the previous model, though, as explained in the teaser, will come with a lighter and more compact design.

Little other information is given in the marketing piece, though the official announcement is expected to come on July 17, so watch this space.

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