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Curved, Soccer Mode + EA Games: Meet Samsung Ultra HD’s

Curved, Soccer Mode + EA Games: Meet Samsung Ultra HDForget flat panels – the future is curved. And Ultra High Def, according to Samsung.  

The world’s biggest TV maker has merged the two, and slashed the priced of UHD TVs, known as ‘4K’ to under $3000 for a 48″ screen. Not bad. 
Last night, Samsung unveiled its first ever Curved UHD LED TV at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter – the super TV comes in 78″ ($16,999), 65″ ($6,999) and you can get a 55″ Series 9 TV for under $5,000. 
Ultra High Definition is four times the resolution of a Full HD TV. 
Samsung says its HU9000 Curved TV’s give a depth of feel and more natural viewing experience to the (naturally curved) human eye, thus maximises picture quality. Pixels are more natural and elongated.  

The impressive Series 9 Curved TVs (HU9000), has extreme picture clarity and PureColor technology which reproduce colour and express more detailed shades than previous Smart TVs. The flagship has the fastest processing speed in any TV with a quad core processor. (However, we could help think the TV’s were not quite as paper thin as LG Curved OLED’s). 

Inside the Curved TV’s is an Auto Depth Enhancer algorithm which auto adjusts images to create a sense of depth. All the new UHD TV’s announced last night have all the usual Smart TV functions, Samsung Hub apps, and a new gaming panel from EA Games. 
Samsung also curved its Series 8 UHD LED TVs (55″ + 65″), and there is also new flat panel options starting at $2999, as well as a massive army of 30 new Smart TV’s to be released this year. 
All the new TV’s are on sale in the coming weeks. 
Series 8 FHD LED TV can also be wall mounted with the specially designed kit (sold separately). 
One of the standout features of the new UHD TVs is the Multi-Link which divides the screen into four sections, so you can watch TV while tweeting, and checking what’s on next. 

There’s also Soccer mode: auto record keys highlights like scores on games – handy for the World Cup. Samsung also announced it is sponsoring SBS’ coverage of the World Cup kicking off soon in Brazil, to watch the Socceroos in action. 

There will also be other Australian sporting modes (NRL anyone?) introduced into Samsung TV’s in the future.  Despite its critics (lack of content and pricey), Samsung say UHD technology is here to stay. 
It has future proofed older 2013 UHD sets, with UHD One Connect Box, so owners can still view newer 4K content and formats.The magic box is available now for $399. 

All the 2014 Samsung UHD TV’s support HEVC, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, MHL 3.0. 
Sounds Good, Samsung
The Korean giant also wants to entertain us in other ways – with the new Samsung Sound – a range of home speakers including the super cool Multiroom M5 and M7 speakers, which connects to a smartphone – you can stream one tune to the bedroom speaker and another to the lounge room. 
There’s also a 320W Bluetooth ready soundbar and a 1330W Series 7 Home Theatre System (HT-H7750) with an upscaling Blu-ray player( RRP $1,099), available from May. “We’re incredibly excited to deliver Samsung’s first curved UHD LED TVs to market in Australia, TVs that will deliver the most advanced and immersive viewing experience Samsung has to offer,” said Philip Newton, Corporate V P, Samsung Australia.
“We are confident that these TVs will change the way our customers experience visual content in the home.” 
For more information visit www.samsung.com/au/tv