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DHL Express Delivery In OZ, Are You Kidding

Deutsche Post DHL, or DHL for short have a long way to go if they want to be taken seriously as an efficient transport delivery service.

Last week a parcel was express couriered from Sydney to the Gold Coast a nine hour drive up the M1 or a 1/1/2-hour flight.

The parcel was despatched on the 16th of December in Sydney for an 18th of December delivery according to the DHL tracking system.

Four days later and after promises of delivery on the 18th, 19th and now 20th of December we still don’t have the sub 1kilo parcel.

As for their customer service it’s no existence because they don’t work weekends, only Monday to Friday.

This is not surprising as they are a German owned Company who love to brag about their efficiency and Surf Club sponsorship, but don’t want to offer a weekend service.

As for their online shipment tracker that also failed because on the 19th, I was being told by SMS it was set to be delivered that day and the same on the 20th.

At 5.23pm on the 20th they were still claiming my package was ‘Out for Delivery’ though I did spot a DHL delivery truck parked up near a block of flats, so may11be he had a better-looking option.

While I got an SMS claiming it was being delivered, I got no telephone call or an SMS saying there was a problem with the delivery.

Next time Australia Post Express delivery is the go, at least you have a Post Office to pick up from and you don’t have to wait for some half-baked DHL driver whose idea of Express delivery is more than 100 hours for a 9-hour trip up the M1. Then again it could have gone via Brisbane and Southport instead of direct to the Gold Coast.

DHL is expensive, and they are German owned and they do run a unionised workforce, so what else do you expect, especially as I have often got a parcel from Hong Kong overnight via FedEx delivered to Sydney the next day.

A visit to the TrustPilot Reviews website tells you a lot about DHL, out of 5,000+ Review they got a 90% bad rating.

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