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From Vodafail To Vodafast: 4G Hits 1 million

From Vodafail To Vodafast: 4G Hits 1 million

But now
Vodafone is witnessing 30,000 additions to its fledging 4G network per week.

says customers are returning to its network in droves, with more than one
million 4G devices in use – just eight months since its faster LTE network was

The telco
claims to have the fastest 4G network speeds in Sydney and Melbourne, and says
its plan inclusions are “unmatched” by rivals Telstra or Optus, despite being a
latecomer to the 4G race. 

Voda’s 4G speeds range from 2-40Mbps, although this varies depending on location.  

It 4G network is also said to be among the fastest in Brisbane, although this has yet
to be confirmed.

On a $60
plan, the red telco offers 1.5GB of data, which is 50% more than Telstra or
Optus (both with 1GB). Telstra has the biggest 4G LTE network in Australia.

says the speed at which customers were embracing 4G devices had surpassed its

Most of its 4G
devices are smartphones – namely iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy’s, HTC One and Nokia Lumia, a spokesperson told Smarthouse.

are known to be early adopters of technology, so they want the latest device.”

The telco
only recently launched its 4G dongles, so has yet to witness major

4G ready
iPads and Samsung Tabs are the main drivers on the tablet front.

“In just
eight months we have crossed the million device threshold, which equates to
around 30,000 new devices on our 4G network every week,” said Vodafone Chief
Marketing Officer Kim Clarke.

“We are
delighted with the feedback we are receiving from customers using our 4G

“As much as
some detractors joke about Vodafone’s well-known network issues in 2010, the
fact is in 2014, Vodafone’s networks, both 3G and 4G, are offering consistent
fast, reliable data speeds right around the country.

lost thousands of customers following the epic failure of its 3G network in 2011. Recent
 show this trend was continuing.

Voda says
4G network rollout is continuing “at pace.”

The telco
is offering a 30 day Network Guarantee for those who want to try out LTE for

have the freedom to switch if they don’t love it. We’re confident they will,”
said Clarke.

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