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Dell Unveil Rival To The Apple Studio Display

As quite a few companies have, Dell have unveiled a rival monitor to the recently released Apple Studio Display. Whilst in the US, the two monitors are priced almost the same, there is a massive price difference here in Australia, making the Dell quite an attractive purchase.

Dell’s new monitor has been designed with a heavy focus on videocalls in mind, with a built-in  UltraSharp webcam and 4K HDR Sony Starvis sensor. Just like many of its’s rivals, Dell have fitted the monitor with an auto-framing feature that makes use of AI to keep you in frame.

The camera is also easily adjustable, and can be tilted without moving the monitor, and has FOV settings for 65, 78 and 90 degrees.

Credit: Dell

The monitor also has built-in noise cancelling microphones and dual 14W speakers.

However, whilst the webcam is a strong selling point over Apple and the Studio Display, the display itself may turn away Apple users. For starters, the 32-inch Dell monitor is 4K whilst the 27-inch Apple Studio Display boasts 5K resolution. Furthermore, the Dell is not super responsive, with an 8ms response time and a very standard 60Hz refresh rate, meaning it won’t be popular in the gaming market.

The Dell U3223QZ will be available in July for $1,960 AUD, $539 less than the Apple Studio Display.


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