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Dell Deliver High Performance, Low Form-Factor With Wyse 5060

Designed for knowledge workers demanding powerful virtual desktop performance, Dell says the “Wyse 5060 thin client delivers the flexibility, efficiency and security organizations require for their cloud environments with the superb user experience that employees need.”

They say the thin client PC incorporates over 430 patents that allow it to drive down the cost and complexity of desktop virtualization while providing better performance.

“Today‚Äôs knowledge worker requires access to highly efficient, powerful systems and tools that will enable them to innovate, collaborate and share information in a secure environment,” said Steve Lalla, SVP, Commercial Client Software & Solutions, Dell.

Thin client PCs like the Wyse 5060 have grown in prominence over the last few years, particularly among the enterprise PC crowd, as they leverage cloud computer tech to enable technical performance on par with more expensive offerings.

“Our new Wyse 5060 quad core thin client provides the performance and capabilities that knowledge workers in virtualized desktop environments demand with the low acquisition cost and ease of management that IT requires.”

The Wyse 5060 thin client features an AMD 2.4GHz quad core processor that supports up to 8GB RAM and 64GB flash, along with several additional features including enhanced security APIs and support for up to two 4K monitors.

The Wyse 5060 Thin Client will be available in ANZ from December 13 starting at AUD $569.

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