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New NBN Report Looks At Achieving Dreams In The Digital Age

A new report released by NBN Co looks at the role of broadband and new technologies in helping Australians achieve their ambitions.

The Digital Dream Report, canvassing the opinions of 2,122 Australians, found that 93 per cent “admit to having not fulfilled at least one of their goals”.

According to the report, finding balance and becoming financially free topped all other desires at 42 per cent, with 34 per cent of Australians wanting to own their own home.

Among its other findings, 27 per cent of Australians point to trying to achieve a work-life balance, while 14 per cent want to become an expert in their field.

Meanwhile, prioritising relationships is a consideration for many, with finding a perfect partner listed by 18 per cent of Australians and 13 per cent wanting to keep in touch with old friends, with Australians also wanting to be there for life experiences, seeing loved ones get married (13 per cent) and raising a family (14 per cent).

By generation, Baby Boomers prioritise weight loss (42 per cent), Gen X is aiming to become debt free (46 per cent) and Gen Y wants to be able to own their own home (52 per cent).

The report found that 33 per cent of Australians agree connectivity could assist them in fulfilling their goals.

“Technology and access to fast broadband is redefining the way we go about achieving the ‘Great Aussie Dream’,” life coach and wellness entrepreneur Lyndall Mitchell commented.

“No matter what age we are, increased connectivity means we are able to harness the latest online tools to turn our lifestyle hopes and aspirations into reality.

“Whether it’s starting an online business, or connecting with family online to experience life’s precious moments, we no longer have excuses to compromise any of the key ingredients in achieving our ideal lifestyle.”

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