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Telstra 4G Rocket Hits (USB + Wi-Fi)

Telstra 4G Rocket Hits (USB + Wi-Fi)

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Get 4G Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile broadband in one – meetTelstra 4G LTE USB. 

The pre-paid device offers mobile broadband USB (it rotates) and Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing several users (up to 5) to share Telstra’s faster 4G Internet network on devices like phones, tablets and laptops. 

It is Australia’s first 4G device combining a USB dongle and Wi-Fi hotspot technology that comes with AC adapter, so it’s handy on the move. 
Telstra Pre-Paid 4G USB +Wi-Fi costs $119 and includes 5GB of data to use in Australia with 30 days.
“The 4G USB + Wi-Fi offers customers the best of both worlds,” said Graeme McLindin, General Manager Emerging Mobile Devices, Telstra Mobile.

“It can be plugged straight into your laptop and used as a conventional USB modem with great 4G speeds and can be turned into a Wi-Fi device for up to five Wi-Fi devices.” 
The 4G USB + Wi-Fi is Telstra’s 28th 4G product. 
The race is heating up for 4G Long Term Evolution customers with Optus announcing trials of new (Time Division TD-LTE) technology with potentially faster speeds this week, and Telstra says it had switched on its 1,500th 4G base station.
The telco is looking to extend its 4G coverage to 66% of the population and currently has the biggest LTE network.