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D-Link Team With Microsoft To Bring Super Wi-Fi To Underserved Regions

Networking specialists D-Link have announced they will partner with Microsoft to deliver next generation Wi-Fi to rural communities across the globe.

Called “Super Wi-Fi”, they say the mission will give these communities a foundation for an enriched digital future by laying down a future-ready network in currently underdeveloped areas.

The partnership was announced by D-Link chairman John Hsuan during the company’s Future Strategy press conference.
The Super Wi-Fi campaign aims to exploit unused bandwidth in the lower-frequency white spaces between television channel frequencies, where signal travels further than at higher frequencies.

Currently, the fastest commercial Wi-Fi standards are based on the 802.11ac prototype, with “11ad” announced by some manufacturers. Super Wi-Fi is set to be based on “11af,” representing a protocol with a huge leap forward in range.

D-Link ANZ MD Graeme Reardon said that the company is excited to be collaborating toward the goal of connecting more of the world well into the future.

“D-Link sees ourselves at the very heart of this kind of technical innovation and development. We also acknowledge that we have a role to play in helping all countries and future generations better connect.”
“Our goal is to use all of our 30 years experience and expertise and our global footprint to help deliver Super Wi-Fi as a technological platform for growth to the worlds underdeveloped regions,” he said.