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Cygnett, A Growth Company That’s Carving Up The Accessories Market

Cygnett, is a Melbourne based Company, that successfully competes in the accessory market, which is one of the most difficult categories sold at mass consumer electronics retailers, because it’s constantly changing as new devices are being launched.

Whether it’s a new model smartphone, tablet or the latest in power chargers accessory Companies such as Cygnett survive by being at the forefront as the winds of change sweep through consumer electronics stores.

Founded 13 years ago, Cygnett has averaged 30% growth during the past 5 years by delivering the latest in Accessories.

These are not your average accessories churned out by hundreds of Asian factories who then flog them via cheap bottom end distributors.

The Cygnett range that ChannelNews saw recently is carefully thought out, beautifully designed and packaged to attract consumers when they go hunting for a new smartphone, tablet cover, a mount for the car or a top end selfie stick that comes with its own Bluetooth remote Control.

Cygnett Marketing Director Sophie Swann said that the Company has moved to focus on three core markets “Protect, Connect and Enhance”.

Sophie Swann CEO Cygnett

Sophie Swann Marketing Director

In the Enhance category the Company is now rolling out a new range of power devices that look smart they have the capability to deliver up to 6.5 full top up charges for the average smartphone.

Swann said “One of the fast growing categories at CE retailers is power and what we are now delivering is a stylish range of fast charging devices such as our Polymer Digital 10,000 mAh device that despite the power capability is still super thin and stylish. This device is designed to power up both USB C and USB devices”.cy1768pbche

Swann said that all packaging and instore merchandising is developed in Melbourne and that their approach to is based around delivering a total solution for retailers from the product itself to the packaging to the way that their products can be merchandised at a point of sale.
The Company that is investing in online video’s, outdoor advertising, pop up events and social media said that following the launch of the Companies new Cygnett site there had been a 247% increase in consumer engagement.Untitled-12

“Brand image is critical to our success” said Swann.

“Our brand message is reinforced through strong use of clean white and Cygnett orange across all our point of sale packaging and collateral”.

New in 2016 are sleek new USB C Hubs that allow users to plug in a multitude of connect devices, there is also a 5 port circular USB charger that allows five devices to be charged at once.

Retailers who range the Cygnett products such as JB Hi Fi, said that the Companies approach to not only selecting the right products to sell, to their combination of smart marketing and packaging, had led to not only growth for the mass retailer but was fulfilling a need in a category that retailers are relying on to drive profitability.

George Souris President Of Sales at Cygnett said that the Companies recently introduced car mounts which have a magnet that allows a user to easily mount a smartphone to a window screen or clipped to the air conditioning vents in a car was a classic Cygnet product that is now delivering growth for the Company.

“This is a tough industry. Products are constantly changing and it is important that we not only stay ahead of the accessories curve but are able to deliver the right products when the demand for new accessories is happening, it may be when Apple and Samsung deliver a new smartphone or when consumers are suddenly faced with new technology demands such as what is now happening with USB C devices and cables”.

In 2016 Cygnett is again forecasting double digit growth.

Cygnett Style&Substance Logo


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