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Vodafone Delivers 4G For NZ Roamers

Vodafone Delivers 4G For NZ Roamers

Vodafone has sweetened its global roaming deal for Australians travelling to New Zealand, offering access to its 4G network which independent speed test company Ookla says is the world’s second-fastest. 
With over one million Australians travelling to New Zealand every year, Vodafone quotes ABS stats that it’s our No.1 international holiday destination, with the news sure to be welcome for NZ-bound Vodafone customers on Red plans who activate the $5 per day roaming deal before they cross the ditch. 
Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kim Clarke, said: “We are pleased to announce Vodafone customers will now enjoy a great 4G experience right across the Tasman.

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“Vodafone Australia’s customers will find it easier than ever when roaming in NZ to share their holiday moments, navigate their way around the South Island using Google Maps, or track down a great restaurant at one of New Zealand’s great wineries.

“The best part of all is that $5 roaming won’t break the bank – it’ll cost you just $70 for a two-week holiday to use all your inclusions form your home plan, just like you were at home in Australia. None of our competitors come close to offering that kind of convenience and value.”
As Vodafone states, its roaming data access is now so affordable when travelling, so the Company is urging its customers to “stay in control of their usage when travelling overseas through MyVodafone, which provides customers with usage information and the ability to top-up their data allowances at any time directly through the app.”
New Vodafone Red customers also benefit from automatic data top-ups which kicks-in with 1 GB of data the moment they exceed their data allowances at a flat rate of just $10.
Vodafone has posted a YouTube video explaining how its $5 per day roaming works and lists the caveat that when in NZ, 4G coverage is only available in areas with 4G LTE towers. 

When not in those areas, data speeds fall back to 3G and 2G as appropriate. More details on Voda’s 4G NZ footprint here, with the full list of the 47 countries Voda offers the $5 per day roaming here