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Creepy Chinese Kissing Device Has Silicon Lips, No Tongue

A Chinese virtual kissing device that lets long-distance lovers smooch using an app and silicon lips is dividing the internet, with many praising its ability to keep lovers in touch, while others say it’s just plain creepy.

Designed by a Chinese tech inventor who broke up with his long-distance lover after seven years, reports say the Remote Kiss lips use sensors to simulate the movement, heat and pressure of a lover’s lips, providing a real-life kissing experience.

The device is activated through an app and retails for around $56 through Chinese online shopping platform Taobao, who are selling more than 100 a month.

Customer reviews range from supportive to concerned, with one user saying, “Thank you, technology,” while another took to Twitter to say, “It convinced me again that having a long-distance relationship is a pretty bad idea.”

The device is designed so it can only operate when both parties consent. It activates when paired with one kiss sender and receiver simultaneously, so unwanted kisses can’t be sent to people who don’t want them.

“What’s next to do remotely?” another Twitter asks, with someone replying, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Being the internet, another got straight to the obvious, saying, “This is for wieners.”

Still, other commentors were more practical, with one saying, “It is a genius device, but where’s the tongue?”