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Hello Selfie: Fuji Instax Smartphone Printer

Hello Selfie: Fuji Instax Smartphone Printer Let’s face it – smartphones are the new PC – so why not buy a printer for your smartie?  

The compact Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-1 printer is for printing smartphone images – and does it in 16 seconds. 

It also works with iPads and other tablets. All you do is shoot photos on your device, send images wirelessly via app, and voila, out come credit card sized photos. 
Announced at CES 2014 last week, Instax Share SP-1 is available in Australia from April. 

Aussie pricing yet to be confirmed but a US$199 pricetag was flagged for the US.  

There are cool picture templates including: Real Time – that includes the date, time, weather, temperature and humidity,; Social networks – for Facebook and Instagram and includes a profile photo and the number of Likes; and Template Square – crops the photo into a square and you can also write a message. 
Fuji’s Instax cameras have proved very popular, and the instax printer is aimed primarily at Gen Y, who were never familiar with Polaroid cameras, a Fuji spokesperson told Smarthouse. Instant photos are “exciting” and appeal to the selfie obsessed Instagram and Facebook generation. 
The instax  printer can also produce high quality colour images, sepia and black and white filters are available.
FUJIFILM Australia Product Manager – Consumer Products, Melissa Butcher, said the new instax SHARE SP-1 is a fun way to access speedy prints from your smartphone and is ultra portable.
“It also allows images to be shared quickly and easily with family and friends,” she said.