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Could Apple And Samsung Partner On An iPhone Periscope Camera?

Apple is moving forward with its plans to advance the iPhone’s optical zoom range with a folded periscope lens solution, reports suggest.

According to ETNews, Apple is looking into using periscope lens technology from suppliers after running into issues with developing its own periscope camera system.

Most of the technology in this sector is guarded by patents, meaning Apple struggled to launch its own advanced system.

The ‘ball-type actuator’ technology, which is essential for the periscope camera design, is owned by Samsung Electronics.

Many other multi-camera and periscope camera patents were owned by an Israeli-based company named Corephotonics, which was acquired by Samsung in 2019.

If Apple seeks to use any technology owned by Samsung, it could mean a surprise collaboration between the two tech giants. However ETNews says industry insiders doubt the possibility of a partnership between the two companies.

This camera tech already exists in some smartphones, such as the Huawei P30 Pro which has a 5x optical zoom with a similar mechanism.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max currently offers the best optical zoom in the iPhone family.

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