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CORONAVIRUS:Gerry Harvey Described As ‘A Maggott’ & ‘Degenerate’ Consumers Refuse To Shop At Harvey Norman Stores

They are lining up online to slam Gerry Harvey and his Harvey Norman stores, some are calling for bans while others are calling him a ‘degenerate’ a ‘lousy maggot’ a  ‘human shaped sliver of slug excrement’ after he claimed on 60 minutes that he saw “Opportunities to grow” out of the Coronavirus epidemic after telling the ASX that Harvey Norman sales were up 9%.

Gerry Harvey is well known for his verbal diaphora as the Shareholder Association have found out at his annual general meetings when in the past, he has told them to “piss off”.

“Why are we so scared about getting this virus?” he told Sixty Minutes. “It’s pretty much nothing to get scared of.”

Bragging about his sales increases he said, “Now sales are up in Harvey Norman in Australia by 9 per cent on last year,” he said. “Our sales in freezers are up 300 per cent. And what about air purifiers? Up 100 per cent.”.

When asked about the thousands who were dying overseas in places such as China, Iran and Italy Harvey replied, “But that’s there, we’re here. I’m 80, I should be really scared. Guess what, I’m not really scared.”

This is the same Chairman who allowed a senior store manager ‘a mate’ and former head office executive to return to running one of his stores after he was initially was forced to quit after exposing his penis to one of his staff at a Christmas party.

The executive is now running another Harvey Norman Queensland store.

His latest foot in the mouth outbursts have set off an outpouring of anger among Australians. At this stage it’s not known whether Harvey Norman is set to put security on the doors of their stores to protect staff from abuse.

The outpouring on social media are in the hundreds yet despite this his wife Katie Page the CEO of Harvey Norman is still using CEO events such as recently at the Universtity of NSW to spruik Harvey Norman and their response to the Coronavirus.

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