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ComScore Pulls Out Of Oz As Analytics Business Tightens

Media measurement and analytics company ComScore is pulling out of direct involvement in the Australian market as part of a worldwide job-slashing exercise. Globally around 175 jobs, comprising 10 percent of the company’s workforce, are being eliminated.

In Australia the local team of seven, led by ComScore’s vice president of Australia and New Zealand Lachlan Brahe, have all been made redundant. This is believed to include recent recruit and former Innovid country manager Adam Natiq, who had joined ComScore as its national head of sales only in July.

Existing clients will be served from ComScore’s Asia/Pacific HQ in Singapore.

ComScore US has issued a statement saying it is “implementing a reduction-in-force plan that is expected to result in the termination of approximately 10pc of the company’s workforce, or approximately 175 employees. 

“The reduction-in-force is being implemented following management’s determination to reduce its staffing levels and exit certain geographic regions, in order to enable the company to decrease its global costs and more effectively align resources to business priorities.”

ComScore’s move closely follows a decision by AdRoll at the beginning of December to cull most of its Australian team. Among others reportedly – given the flick there were Asia/Pac MD Ben Sharp and former Sydney-based Japan/Asia-Pacific  marketing director Cat Prestipino.

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