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COMMENT: Vivid Spin By Fairfax Pure Pulp Fiction

You have to give it to Fairfax journalists, they actually think that their opinion counts and that what they say is the sentiment of the general NSW population, as they did recently with two stories in a row about Vivid, one of the worlds most spectacular technology light shows.

I disagree but you have to give them credit for the spin they try to put on a story.

Take Sydney Morning Herald journalist Sally Mcdonald who like other Fairfax journalists has had one massive whinge about this year’s Vivid Festival in Sydney which is a masterpiece of technology innovation that delivers millions of dollars to the NSW economy, while deliver a fabulous experience to millions, including tens of thousands of overseas visitors, she claims she is “Never going to Vivid again”.

“It seems that, just as one Vivid has finished, here it is again, mucking up people’s work travel and filling the city with crushing mobs of open-mouthed gawkers” she bleated in her SMH column.

We all know that profits are a dirty word among Sydney Morning Herald journalists who appear to believe that everything should be free, and that infrastructure can be built overnight with little if any interference to the NSW public. They also fail to understand that Vivid is a massive contributor to building Sydney as a global brand and that Vivid delivers millions in profits for tourism operators while also creating jobs.

In her latest rant Mcdonald claim, “Why Sydney” “Why So often” and she claims to have nightmares about the event because of a past experience with her 3-year-old child who almost got trod on in the dark.

It’s obviously that she had not worked out that a 3-year-old child in a pram is always a safer option at an event such as Vivid rather than trying to drag a child around by the hand among throngs of people enjoying one of the world’s most spectacular light shows.

In fact, it’s so spectacular that the concept is now being copied by Cities like London and New York.

Two days prior Jenny Noyes another Fairfax journalist wrote a story highlight the views of a minority who had to “go out of their way” because the organisers had put in place a traffic flow system around major infrastructure. She claimed that “efforts to shepherd the huge crowds around the different venues have been criticised by some festivalgoers as ruining the experience”.

There was no mention of the fact that hundreds of thousands of attendees had no problem in getting around a show that is delivered using the latest in Intel Xeon processors coupled with graphic processors and tens of thousands of hours of coding and design.

“Why Sydney” Mcdonald bleated in her editorial.

The reason is that this event is not only a money spinner and a big driver for NSW tourism it’s a global showcase event that puts Australia and NSW seriously om the map when it comes to attracting people.
Mcdonald then claimed the event is “Poorly organised, with many visitors giving up before deciding to return home”.

“Many Visitors”.

I suggest that it is more “Some visitors” who are more likely to be like McDonald, whingers, who have not got the patience to put up with major infrastructure and a work around program that is designed to manage crowds responsibly while the work is being undertaken.

I suspect the whingers make up less than 0.1% of the 2.5M people who are expected to visit this year’s event.

‘Why does one entire city need to be regaled with light displays each and every year? Can’t the love be shared a little by Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne, and regional cities too?’ Claims Mcdonald.

Does this woman come from interstate and is jealous of the spectacular success that Vivid has become?

There is no doubt that in the ten years that the Vivid Festival has been running it has become one of the world’s biggest festivals of light, delivered using cutting edge technology, in Australia if not the world and all that Mcdonald wants to do is knock it.

She claims that she had a recurring nightmare about her son and their joint visit to Vivid that “lasted for four months”.

Maybe McDonald is responsible for her own nightmares because she stupidly took her son to an event and then failed to make sure that she had full control of him. Now she wants to take it out on the organisers of the event and the vast majority of attendees who “love” Vivid.

I was in New York when Vivid kicked off and when my wife and her sister who attended the event on Saturday night read the two anti-Vivid stories in the Sydney Morning Herald they were horrified.

“These stories are pure false news” they claimed.

Both women who are in there 60’s claimed that they were not only able to get around easily, as they have done for the past nine years, they have also in the past never had a problem taking children and grandchildren to the event.

Last night the streets of Mosman were packed as people headed to Taronga Zoo and of the ones that I spoke to, not one had a bad word to say about Vivid.

One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people in Mosman, do have a view about the bias of Sydney Morning Herald journalists, their fake news and the editorial spin that they put on stories.

But then again Fairfax is struggling, laying off journalists while also struggling lt appears to be able to deliver balanced journalism.

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