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COMMENT: Turnbull NBN Controversy, How Clueless Is Michella Rowlands, Or Maybe She Doesn’t Even Care About Security?

Bill Shorten and the Labor Party have got to be kidding in their objection to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull being given priority in getting a 100Mbs NBN connection to his home.

He is the Prime Minister of Australia and responsible for having to make quick decision in the event of a crisis.

Just imagine, if you have a crisis unfolding and your security advisors or the Federal Police want him to make a decision based on video intelligence or large amounts of data being pumped over a secure connection to his home.

That vision could be live streaming of vision from a head up display in an aircraft or drone sitting over an area where Australians are at risk.

Maybe Bill Shorten who is more at home with militant unions would be happy with stutter vision or an inferior connection.

Bill Shorten visits Kirribilli House.

The so-called drama over Turnbulls NBN Connection unfolded after a Senate estimates heard yesterday that the Prime Minister’s private Sydney home and Kirribilli House, his official residence, have 100-megabits-per-­second connections on the hybrid fibre coaxial network and it had taken only one appointment to hook the connection up.

Penny Street, founder of cultural tourism company Narrowcaster and a neighbour are now whinging because their connection was not done in one visit.

I suspect that in most developed Countries the Prime Minister or Presidents have ultra-fast connectivity so why is it even an issue in Australia.

This is a classic example of utter political bullshit and is a none event story but then again this is Shorten’s modus operandi  with issues of national importance.

Let’s remember a Prime Minister is never off duty, even at home when a crisis arises.

Public servant Paula Ganley told the Senate’s finance and ­public administration committee: “It only took one discussion and one appointment for the connection to take place. The connection went ahead quite quickly after that and it was on the eighth of December that the connection actually took place.”

NBN Co’s chief engineer Peter Ryan last night told a Senate estimates committee he was unaware the Lodge was set to be connected to newer fibre-to-the-curb (FTTC) technology while premises around it were being put on the cheaper fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology. “I honestly couldn’t tell you why because up until an hour ago I wasn’t aware of the fact,” he said.

NBN Co’s chief financial officer Stephen Rue said normal installation processes had been followed on getting Kirribilli House and Mr Turnbull’s Point Piper house connected. “I don’t recall any discussion on that issue in any of the board meetings,” he said.

So, what if Turnbull was given priority, I for one want key security decision makers armed to the teeth with the latest technology if it helps them make an informed decision on information being pumped to a device or screen.

Labor used question time yesterday to ask if the Prime Minister had received special treatment after Senate estimates was told the Point Piper and Kirribilli connections, organised by his department, had avoided a halt to the HFC rollout announced last year to work through reliability issues.

Labor communications spokes­woman Michelle Rowland asked Mr Turnbull in parliament how he got 100Mbps when three-quarters of customers on the copper network were unable to get that speed.

Really is she that dumb that she could not work this out for herself the value to Australia, of the Prime Minister of the day being given access to superfast broadband.

She bleated, “Why is it always one rule for this born-to-rule Prime Minister and another for Australians?” Ms Rowland said. “How was he able to get a speed and service from the NBN that the rest of Australia can only dream of?”

I have NBN and I often get up to 96Mbs.

All I did was call Telstra and after one visit it was up and running. I simply picked up a phone got three quotes and then chose Telstra for my NBN connection.

Or is it simply the case that Shorten, The Labor Party and Michella Rowlands don’t really care about security and are more interest in pumping up unions.

On Monday Bill Shorten was exposed claiming that he wants to tear up the nation’s industrial laws during a rallying speech to workers at a Queensland coalmine where CFMEU protesters were revealed to have allegedly threatened to rape the children of non-striking workers.

In a secret recording of the ­Opposition Leader’s stump speech delivered at the Oaky North coalmine on October 6, Mr Shorten told striking CFMEU workers that he would rewrite ­labour laws if he won office.

The real question that Labor should have been asking is why Turnbull was not given priority treatment earlier than December even if it meant flying in technology from overseas, to ensure that this Countries key decision leaders are armed to the teeth with fast broadband.



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